Outdoor Element Phoenix Knife Set Launch

Created by Joe Brown

Outdoor Element's Survival Hunting knife with a full-tang fixed blade, replaceable gut hook, G10 handle, Kydex sheath, D2 steel, EverSpark tech, and much more. Great add-on items also available.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Delivered! and a touch of follow-up!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 11:03:38 PM

We hope 97% of you have received your rewards by now! ...and have had some time to test out the knives. We realize there are a few of you that had address hiccups and also know that some countries take a while for shipment deliveries. 

If you are from another country (non-US addresses) we would love if you dropped a quick comment below  and let us know if you have received your package. Based on our tracking most of you international backers should receive the parcel any day now.

If you have a US address, and don't have your package delivered by now, please email us directly at info@outdoorelement.com. If you don't have it, then something is wrong and we want to help you figure it out. 

We received several public and private messages about the knives. Thank you so much for the support, feedback, and questions. 

We would like to address some of the questions here. 

We have had several people ask, "What the heck is the rubber band for?"      

Great question...I have 4 daughters and have seen Spy Kids way too many times. "...use number 1, a stylish bracelet..." perhaps we enjoy use number two a little too much. (if you are confused like Joe was, click on the link and all will be made clear)

Machete explained, "It's the world's greatest gadget ...999 uses. And the important thing is, you have to figure out what those uses are."  -I have digressed too much. We will let you know why we included it :) 

The Feather has a 1/4" hex driver that holds a standard bit. And while you don't have to use a rubber band, it is convenient as it holds the bit in place. The bit's smaller end fits the screws for the gut hook and the handle clip.  

We have also had questions about the clip and it's orientation. Before we launched the campaign we surveyed a few knife enthusiasts and asked how they would configure their clip. ...they were all over the map. But we did hear a few times (from the hunters) that they would likely not install the clip and would keep the two sheaths connected in their pack. They explained when they are hiking/tracking with bow or rifle, they don't like "hardware" hitting each other. And once they fill a tag, then they would open up the pack and pull out the tools they needed.  Hence we decided to have an "optional" and configurable clip.  

I designed the hole pattern on a bolt circle, so it can be orientated 4 different ways. The design intent was to have the clip on the outside of the kydex sheath, and the nuts to be placed on the opposite side (as seen in the pictures). 

It was suggested by a NASA Rocket Scientist, one of our backers, that you should consider adding some Loctite (threadlocker) once you have dialed in your configuration. We haven't found any issues with the clip without Loctite thus far ...however, when NASA speaks, I have found it wise to listen.  If you're a knife/mechanical person, it's pretty likely that you already have some threadlocker in your garage/tool box. Amazon and Fastenal are other places to pick it up.  

Personally, I suggest if you're not sure how you want your configuration, then start with 222 (pink) Loctite. ...it's considered "low strength." The good news is, if you want to change it up, just apply some elbow grease and you can take it apart. 

Once you know what you want, then move to 242 or 243 (blue Loctite). ...that should be fine for this application. There is another option of the 262 (red Loctite) but that stuff is wicked high strength. In my experience you have to bring some serious heat (torch) to the party to remove it...which might not be great for the Kydex Sheath :) 

For reference, in a prior life, I worked with the US Air Force on some fix-winged modifications. Specifically, we had a "ball" hanging off an aircraft that would receive maintenance from time to time. ...we used 222 Loctite for the screws. (I have also used plenty of blue and red in my time). These knives will not see cyclic loads like any aircraft, but they will get bounced around. It was a good suggestion from Tex to add some threadlocker. ...We love the diverse background of our backers! 

One more thing we almost forgot to mention. If you have a Woolly Mammoth or Kodiak survival bracelet, you can use the striker plate in the patented buckle to unscrew the Talon handle.

Thanks again for supporting small business! 

We need more of your support! 

We are currently speaking with a couple of wholesale accounts. If you know of any knife shops, distributors, buyers for Bass Pro, etc., please nudge them for us! If you want to offer any leads, we love chasing them down. 

We would also appreciate an honest review for any of our product. Honestly, I hope it will be a good review :) If you have any issue with any of the product, we would appreciate an opportunity to make it right. 

The knives are up on our website now. We would love a review here.  

Please continue to provide feedback and share your adventures with us. 

Please join us on social media to join our conversation! 

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Thanks again,

Mike Mojica

American Dreamer 



We also have a buddy with a new Kickstarter campaign for his Bear Bowl (for all of you outdoors peeps) going live in the next couple of days. Check it out and help make their day 1 great! Since we don't have the link yet, just search for "The Grim and Bear It". Here is a simple sneak peak below.

Complete Outdoor Cooking Set that Fits in Your Pocket

The Phoenix has Landed
2 months ago – Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 02:04:15 AM

We received in the first shipment (a few days earlier than I expected) and the knives look great. We shipped some orders to test the systems out, but we don't have enough of the right shipping supplies (I didn't order enough of the right stuff and ordered too much of the wrong stuff). We expect to have all orders shipped by next Thu at the latest. Some of you may have already received your shipment notifications. We did notice some bugs in our process and have fixed them. Hence why we do these tests.

Here are some things you may notice:

  • Your packing list may show Tinderquiks and Wombat Whistle separately, but you may receive a Wombat Whistle Vial Accessory Kit which contains the Whistle and Tinderquiks, as well as a bonus Mini Screwdriver/Reflector. This mini screwdriver can be used on the ferro rod set screw.
  • Your knife may have residual oil on the blade, especially under the gut hook. This is common since the assembled knife is rubbed with oil to maintain a good finish. No worries.
  • Be careful with the tiny screws that are needed to attach the clip to the Talon sheath. You will need both the male and female parts as shown here.
  • The dual-tipped screwdriver bit may also have some residual oil. No worries. You can also use this bit to tighten the screws when assembling the belt clip on the Talon sheath, and to change out the replaceable gut hook. Works like a charm.

   Here is a picture of the Feather:

  You may notice that these are shipped with the desiccant to keep the knives dry. It is best to throw these away when you open your packages.
 Here are the two boxes together:

  Well, it is late and I need some sleep. Busy day tomorrow. This update isn't exactly pretty or very entertaining, but hopefully it is informative.
 If you find any issues with your shipment, please contact us directly at info@outdoorelement.com.
 Thanks a ton everyone.
 - Joe

Shipment is on the way
2 months ago – Tue, Jul 02, 2019 at 07:47:11 PM

Woohoo! The first shipment has left the factory and is on its way. It should take about 10 days to get to us with the consolidation at origin, unloading in the USA, trucking to Colorado and then getting delivered to our door. We received the inspection report with some pictures. Things are looking really good. Here are some of the pictures.

We will be locking orders in Backerkit next Monday. Add on items, make changes, get your buds to all order a Phoenix set now. :)

I just wanted to get this quick update out since I will be out of pocket the next few days and I didn't want to leave it all on Mike's shoulders.

Have a wonderful Independence Day to all the US citizens out there. And all the rest of you, enjoy your July 4th as well, however you choose to spend it.

Thanks for all of your support and patience.

Be well as you explore with confidence,

- Joe

Shipping Update
3 months ago – Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 09:22:00 PM

Hey Everyone,

We had an awesome Outdoor Retailer trade show last week with some really good interest in the Phoenix knives by customers here in the USA and in Canada, which was exciting.

Here is the shipping update.

The factory is making the booking with the freight forwarder (Expeditors Int'l) today for shipment early next week. We had expected shipment from the factory tomorrow, but they weren't quite ready with the Talon. The Feather is finished and packaged, but we are waiting on the final production of the Talon now, which should be done early next week. Then all the product gets sent to the airport to be air-shipped out to us here in Colorado. We will ocean-ship the backup product, but want to get this initial shipment out ASAP.

It will take 7 - 10 days for the product to arrive and then it will be just a few days for us to inspect the product and get out all the orders. All other product is ready to go. When your parcel ships, you will get an automated shipment email with the tracking number. USA destinations should get their parcels within a few business days from when we ship. Most will be shipped via USPS. International destinations will take a little longer of course.

If you have any questions or want to touch base with us directly, please email info@outdoorelement.com.

We are so close. Finally...

We will send out another update as soon as we get shipment confirmation that the knives are on their way to us.

Please support small business and help us spread the word.


Mike & Joe

Production in full progress ...packaging approved
3 months ago – Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 10:30:32 PM

Over the last couple of weeks, proofs showed up for full packaging. Yup, they were approved and the first production run of packaging has been created :)

They look great! ...the Talon and Feather fit perfectly in their respective boxes.

This is a Kickstarter Campaign - you brought this to life.  The goal is to bring this to you then mass production and distribution. We have added barcodes on the packaging and have set them up to be sold as a set or individually in a retail setting. We already have one large reputable retail shop and another amazing distributor interested! They want samples as soon at the production rolls out. 

You are the reason this is happening. It took a community of sharp individuals to understand the concept, believe in the idea...then be bold enough to back it. This is the American Dream. Thanks for being an essential part of this journey.  Thanks for your patience and support. 

Packaging with instruction sheet:  

Talon with Sheath in box and foam:

Feather with sheath in box and foam:

A few of you have mentioned that you have moved or would like the product sent to a different address. No worries, we got you covered. If anyone else needs an address change, just shoot us a direct message with your new address and we will message you back confirming the changes. 

What, you have friends and family that want in on the first batch?! That's fantastic have them mash on the button below. 

Mad respect to all of our backers, ...please continue to spread the word. Thanks again for supporting small business. 

Mike and Joe